Cycling with cargo bikes - our little summer tour

Cycling with cargo bikes - our little summer tour

Last Thursday I was traveling with thirty cyclists, including several with cargo bikes and children's trailers in Stuttgart.

The theme of this summer tour was: The bike was yesterday, today is cargo bike, child trailer and tricycle. But the bike infrastructure is not prepared for that yet.

There were three policemen from the bicycle squadron. She cycled many kilometers this year, they told me, the service pedelcs were in use every day, in the whole of Stuttgart, including in Weilimdorf, Feuerbach, Zuffenhausen.

We cycled from the town hall through the so-called mixed traffic area, against the one-way traffic to Marienstraße and on the bicycle lanes over the Pauline bridge. In clarifying the way back over the car traffic lights, the police could help. We found that we need to position ourselves on the right-hand side of the left-turn lane for cars because the straight-ahead release badge for cyclists is located under the left-turn bid sign for cars (and not under the right-turn bid sign). On the other side, at the entrance to Marienstraße, there is a black traffic light that turns red for a while, although we've already gotten green with the cars and are cycling over. The fact that this traffic light is usually overlooked because it is too high was also noted by the police, linked with the question of whether it is really necessary. (How problematic this intersection is, I have described in detail here, whereby the bottleneck, which was created by the Klemmbarrieren, has now been eliminated.)
Then it went back and through the Upper Castle Garden to the traffic lights on Neckartor. This is troublesome for cyclists, if they want to continue in the Neckarstraße, because you have to stop several times on small traffic islands and wait long for green. Neither for a larger amount of cyclists, nor for cargo bikes or wheels with child trailers enough to the places. It took a long time until the baggage had tormented over the individual stations, because the green phases for cyclists are also lightning short.

About the Neckarstraße (quite pleasant to cycle, as we found), it went to the SWR. There is a traffic light with green arrow for motorists who want to turn into the underground car park. May I as a cyclist turn right here and drive over the area of ​​the exit to the pedestrian light, so my question to the police. She also had to think and had no quick answer ready. Even more complicated: the pedestrian traffic lights have no bicycle sign on the lens, but there is a bike route continues. As a cyclist, I'm allowed to drive over here at Pedestrian Red. That the city is quite defiant, as regards the replacement of the Steuscheiben, also registered the police of the bicycle squadron with discomfort. They took a few suggestions, thanked for the insights and were adopted by us with applause.

We then drove to the tram stop Leuze and talked about the two Z-transitions. The one is too narrow and dangerous for cargo cyclists, because even normal cyclists when cornering, unlike pedestrians, look too late in the direction from which the train comes. The other, over which the official HRR 1 leads, on the other hand, has a pleasant and harmless spaciousness. Unfortunately, but then you drive through the beer garden of flora and fauna. And it is already too tight for two wheels, for long wheels, cargo bikes or tricycles but very tight and complicated.

The subject of cargo bikes, child trailers, tandems and tricycles is a topic of the future for all cities, which may have hardly managed an infrastructure for normal bikes and pedelecs, as shown by the bicycle climate test of the ADFC, where we can all participate until November 30th.
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