Do cyclists have to solve a parking ticket?

Do cyclists have to solve a parking ticket?

If many cyclists meet in a pub, but there are no bike racks, then what? Complete the walkway? No, we told each other. We take a parking space.

This is what happened on Tübinger Straße, the bicycle lane where there is no obvious lack of wheelbase stirrups. Five bicycles are standing on a car parking lot. Even a parking ticket we have solved and clamped to the middle rod of the third wheel from behind. But should we have to? No, we would not, because bicycles are not provided in the parking ticket system.

We are in the area of ​​parking space management in the south of Stuttgart. All those who do not live in the area have to buy a parking ticket. Especially all drivers of cars with internal combustion engine.

E-cars, however, have nothing to pay for parking. Now you might think, even bicycles should be parked for free on the roadside on a car parking lot, because they drive like e-cars emission-free.

But logic has many corners. In other words: nobody ever thinks about cycling. They're on sidewalks, not on parking lots. But that is changing. Especially when cyclists come in groups and go to a pub or to an event and there are far and wide not enough wheel hanger. Then you close the wheels together, and so they are safe. Even cargo bikes are better not on the sidewalk, but on the side of the road. All these bike owners currently have to pay the parking fees. However, SÖS leftists in the local council have recently made an application to abolish this fee, which I join. It would be absurd to let E-cars park for free, but not bicycles, although they are still space-saving. As you can see, once again five wheels had space in one parking place.

Incidentally, we might not have needed the parking ticket at all. Hard to say. We discussed for about five minutes under this sign tree what the signs really wanted to tell us.

1. Where the parking ticket machine is: easy exercise.

2. The P-sign with arrow, well, that will mean something.

3. End of the bike lane: Okay.

4th But now: "with parking permit only 2 hours on weekdays 8-22 clock": So you can park here on weekdays for two 'hours, if you solve a parking ticket. But what about the time between 22 and 8 o'clock? Do not park at all? Or park without parking ticket?

5. And now the hammer: "residents with parking permit S2 Mon-Fri from 19 h Sa from 14 h free" Huh? Who has free time? The residents with parking permit from 19 clock? And what is the morning? When does this end "from 19 o'clock?"

The riddle's solution: You have to write the lines between them and think one point after line two. Because that's where the statement ends, which parking card owners may park here. Underneath begins a completely new statement, namely, for when all the others have to pay nothing. Namely from 19 clock. And to see when the period ends, look at the sign that says you have to pay again from 8am.

6. However, it says: Until 22 o'clock. Below is free from 19 clock ... Yes, how now?

I give up. I'm not going through it. Probably the bicycles would not have needed a parking ticket (free from 19 clock), but possibly because you have to solve one to 22 clock.

Nachbemerkung on advice of a commentator: A traffic ticket can not issue the order service for incorrectly parked bicycles, because what indicator should he indicate?

In addition, cyclists can not design the parking ticket weatherproof and clausicher inside in a vehicle, thus it is never provable whether a parking ticket was resolved and lost or not.

Consequently, bike riders do not have to release parking tickets. They are not intended in this system.
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