Ground-breaking ceremony for the first cycle bike path in the Stuttgart region

Ground-breaking ceremony for the first cycle bike path in the Stuttgart region

Ready to go. Yesterday was ground-breaking ceremony for the first cycle path, which in this case connects Stuttgart with Böblingen and Sindelfingen.

It is 7.7 km long, leads on the Roman road (also referred to as Panzerstraße) from Böblingen / Sindelfingen through the forest to Vaihingen tube and the university and should be ready in the coming spring. I have reported on the plans several times.

Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann has been particularly committed to the fact that we finally start with fast routes for cyclists. And Böblingen has also made progress

Now, in both cities, the cyclists must also be routed via convenient connections to the centers. After all, we have the HRR 1, but only in Vahingen at the Kaltentaler departure begins. The way from Rohr to there is okay, but has no resemblance to a good cycling infrastructure. Now the city of Stuttgart is on the train.

It may be that some love the cobblestones of the Steck, but it was probably more of a hard-nosed cyclist who used the Roman road as a way to work. The cobblestones are historic and listed. It is now carefully covered with an asphalt layer. The preservationists are happy because the pavement is preserved in this way. In some places it should remain visible.

Greater concerns have also triggered the rumor that the track in the forest should be lit at night. That's not the case. But what should be there is an accompanying lighting for winter bicycle commuters. It does not bother insects but biking in the dark.

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