The slowest traffic light in the Stuttgart is gone away

The slowest traffic light in the Stuttgart is gone away

The crossing at the Tagblatt tower with the slowest Radlerampel Stuttgart is history.

Starting this week, the junction between Tagblatt Tower, Hegelhaus and Galerie Kaufhof will be rebuilt for the new P-Bus line.

This also means an appreciation of the main cycle route 1. With obstructions of Radfverkehrs is certainly expected. However, I assume that cycling on the HRR 1 will not be interrupted or that practicable detours will be properly signposted.

Ursprünglicher Plan. Die Vorfahrt für Autos soll aber nicht kommen.
Nur der Bus hat Vorrang. 
Unfortunately, the traffic to and from the parking garages has priority, at least now. I have often argued that priority is given only to the bus. Bicyclists can deal with complicated situations, and car traffic would be secondary, the bus would have priority. But it could also be that the right of way sign on the sign tree is still taken away. (Well, you can hope and argue further.)

The conversion means that the two traffic lights on Eberhardstraße will disappear, the left turn-off radar lights on the Tagblatt tower and the ones on the exit of Eberhardstraße towards Tübinger Straße.

The bus has priority on Torstraße to Rotebühlplatz. The Autoverkerh but should not get one, so my last information. If there is no bus, cyclists can cross the road.

As before - and I mean completely unnecessarily - there will be two traffic lights, one at the entrance to the Steinstraße, which will give the pedestrians the right of way to the cars and one at the pedestrian crossing between Hegelhaus and Tagblatt tower. The point here is that motorists stop when pedestrians want to get over. I think thick fat zebra stripes would have done it here too. And they would be even better because they teach rolling traffic (including cycling) that in the city center, pedestrians have priority.

But now let's see what happens. After all, this should initially contribute to the fact that these evasive trips stop on the sidewalks of cyclists who did not want to wait at the Radlerampeln.
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