Three or 3 stories from the streets

Three or 3 stories from the streets

If you travel a lot by bike, you have many personal encounters with other people who are on foot or in the car.

All cyclists can tell similar story, nice and less nice.

Story 1 - a clever insight.

On Saturday morning I cycle to the rowing club and get the bike path from the tram stop towards Leuze am Sprudler. Adults are standing on the sidewalk side, all with their backs to the bike path. A little boy, maybe five years old, jumps happily around. I think it's okay, he's a kid. He runs over the bike path and runs back again. I brake. He turns around the line and jumps again with a cheeky smile on the bike path and right back. I've slowed to a halt long ago.

When it is clear that the boy stops now, I drive on. At the same time I hear a woman among the adults startled and say: "If that had been a car now ..."

Then they call the boy back.

True, as a cyclist, I see even small children immediately in front of me and stand immediately.

History 2 - the attack
On the way back I cycle from the rowing club on the street of the Hofener road. The sidewalk is there only released and there are many strollers / inside. At noon on Saturday, quite a few people go by car to the city. You have to overtake me. Because many of them drive out of town, things are not always immediate. A car driver hastily overtakes me just ahead of oncoming traffic. The driver in oncoming traffic must brake well. I brake too. Since the driver steered from the oncoming traffic his car on his left lane so on my lane, stops right on me and honks me and threatens with his fist.
I brake. Fortunately, because of the cars behind him, he does not have the nerve to stop, and he accelerates again.

(When I cycle like that a week later, two car drivers honk me and had to overtake me.)
Story 3 - misjudgment
I am at the traffic light Kolbstrasse uphill direction Heusteig. Since I only drive off when the traffic light gets green, not even when the parallel pedestrians have green, I start only a second before the car driver left next to me. But I'm still faster and already over in the Kolbstrasse, as the motorist finally comes up to speed.

He gives gas and honks me. I mean with his hand not to overtake me here. He passes me briefly, cuts me off in the slight right turn and roars before the stop sign on the Filderstraße.

Of course, I caught up with him there. I did not want to say anything, but he calls me past his passenger through the open side window "Hey!" to.

So I ask, "Why are you just overtaking me?"

He shouts, "You can not drive so fast, you have a tuned pedelec, you drove faster than 30 km / h, you can not."

I say, "No, would you like to get on my bike and try it?"

He: "No. You are not allowed to ride such a bicycle." (He probably mistook his overtaking pace for my pace.)

I drive over the Filderstraße over, he starts afterwards, overtakes me, pushes me at the entrance to the fief road against the parked cars, yells something to me and then continues. I remember his license plate. Maybe he's pulling a gun at the next corner, who knows?
Baca Juga

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