Two polls: ADFC bicycle climate test or /and red blue traffic lights

Two polls: ADFC bicycle climate test or /and red blue traffic lights

It's time again, you can and must participate in the cycling climate test of the ADFC. He measures how cyclists feel in the respective cities, what they criticize and what they like, and compares the cities with each other.

The questions are largely the same as every year. It's about how you find cycling in your city, how you feel, and what you objectively diagnose of deficiencies. But this time it's also about the topic of families and children. With additional questions, the ADFC wants to find out whether the city (in our case Stuttgart) offers a child-friendly cycling climate. Here's the test.

The answer may not be very positive, I'm afraid. I do not see any safe bike paths for children to the schools and the bike paths to the sports clubs are mostly missing completely. It is not made easy for children to cycle in Stuttgart, but above all it is not made easy for parents to let their children go. Nevertheless, serious accidents with children on bicycles in Stuttgart are very rare (well, there are not that many on the way).

899 people took part in the last bicycle climate test 2016 in Stuttgart. This may be more quiet this time, the more meaningful he becomes. At that time, Stuttgart scored comparatively well in the fields of theft, rental bicycles, in the opposite direction open one-way streets and bicycle transport in public transport in the score. The biggest weaknesses were: Traffic lights, parking on cycle paths, construction site regulations, the accessibility of the city center and that cycling is not so widespread. Stuttgart came in 33rd out of 39, compared to other cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, which was also a slight decline in 2014.

Survey on the behavior of cyclists at red traffic lights

And there is another survey conducted by a psychology student at the HU Berlin on the question of how we cyclists keep it with red traffic lights. It's a science-based survey that takes about fifteen minutes and sometimes involves brooding to understand the questions.
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