Eight years of critical mass in Stuttgart

Eight years of critical mass in Stuttgart

The September exit of the Critical Mass is always the best for me.

You drive into the dusk, usually the weather is still summery and you meet again after the summer.

Last Friday, the police counted more than 2,000 participants at the start, but the own count of the Critical Mass came after about an hour on the rise of Olgastraße to Neue Weinsteige no more to the 1,800 zoom. Counted with a handheld counter and much concentration. Most count along the route several and usually there are no large deviations, they are about 10 people. Then the agent will be formed. The numbers from 2018 can be found here.

Sept. 2013
The first CM that I have reported (after I am cycled), was shortly after the beginning of this blog also in the September tour, namely the of September 6, 2013. We drove, inter alia, over the Paulienbrücke in the sunset. At that time, I remember, it was about cracking the 100.

As emerges from a newspaper article, the first exits took place in critical mass in 2010 in Stuttgart.

There are still amazingly many who cycle in Stuttgart and have never heard of the Critical Mass. Perhaps that's because cycling and cycling events are reported less frequently in the media than over other events or auto topics. And presumably also because cyclists do not look around radically in the media because they are accustomed to cycling, but do not see and understand this cycling as a political action or as a community event in urban traffic.

Radlerstau Olgastraße 

The CM - incorrectly referred to as the Radler-Demo - is not a statement that could be attributed to political parties or political actors, it only demonstrates that it feels nice and very safe to ride in community while claiming space on the motorways that the Autostadt does not grant otherwise. CMs are available in many cities in Germany and internationally, but only in Stuttgart is the baggage accompanied by the police and treated like a demonstration. In the meantime, car drivers no longer have to wait a few minutes until all cyclists are over, but twenty minutes before they can continue. Most take it easy. Some are not. And meanwhile you can watch a fat bicycle jam on some first Fridays a month.

The CM Stuttgart takes place every first Friday of the month and starts at 18.30 clock at the lake. It usually takes two hours and it is driven very slowly. Only through the tunnels, because you drive fast and ring, what the stuff holds.
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