Is the bike a fine dust spinner?

Is the bike a fine dust spinner?

Again and again, smart people tell me that even the bike produces fine dust. Brake abrasion, tire wear ... And what about the CO2?

The Bund Osnabrück citizens who would like to abolish environmental zones for car traffic, has presented such a clever bill, reported last August, the Osnabrücker newspaper. The BOB claimed that the Helmholtz Institute (in fact it was an interview) had calculated that a bicycle at 1,000 km had a rim wear of 0.1 millimeters. When braking, metal oxides are released into the environment, about 3 to 4 milligrams per kilometer. The particulate emissions from the exhaust of a diesel are 0.2 to 0.5 milligrams. In the modern diesel, on the other hand, there is no particulate matter problem anymore. The bike is the Feinstaubschleuder.

However, the clever calculator has completely forgotten that even a modern diesel on four tires and drives its brake discs constantly used.

The exhaust is not the problem, but tire abrasion, brake wear, road wear and whirling up of fine dust. The brake wear should be slightly above the tire wear, the Ford Forum times with 1 mm to 10,000 km has specified. During brake abrasion, nanoparticles are released on iron, copper, manganese and others. Probably that amounts to just over 0.1 millimeters per 1,000 kilometers.

If a bike generates 3- 4 milligrams of brake wear on rims to one kilometer, then you could now take the car 2 times (brake and tire wear) and once again 2 (two tires more than the two-wheeler). Then we would be at 12 to 16 milligrams per kilometer. Of course, it's just a smart calculation. Because cars probably produce a lot more fine dust (and bicycles a little less) because they are heavy and drive faster. They disperse more particulate matter on road surfaces, and road wear is caused by cars (especially heavy goods traffic), not by light bicycles.

And now even the fine dust is not the main problem, but the nitrogen oxides produced by car traffic and the CO2. Nitrogen oxides are produced by a cyclist. With CO2, there are also smart calculations that result in a struggling cyclist producing only one-seventh to one-fourteenth of the CO2 that comes out of an exhaust, especially gasoline.

Interesting that no one has ever used the shoe wear of pedestrians in the field or the CO2 emissions of joggers and hikers. Our life is harmful to the environment.

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